Quicken your web site’s performance with a USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Package.

At JR Hosting - Web Services, you can make full use of our USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages. They represent a unique blend of cloud hosting accounts and Linux dedicated servers hosting package. They offer the power of a dedicated server but don’t require any server administration tasks and substantial month–to–month charges. And your semi–dedicated server will be accommodated with our state–of–the–art datacenter in the US in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

With the Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages hosted in our datacenter in the US, you are able to make use of amazing connectivity and power options that this data center is offering. We have also developed our tailor–made inhouse network using solely top–quality hardware solutions from Juniper. In this manner, we can guarantee a 99.9% network uptime with each and every USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Package.

All of our USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages offer our completely free JR Hosting - Web Services Control Panel that’s created to operate wholly in the cloud. This way, you are free to work with the Control Panel, but your semi–dedicated server won’t have to actually use any resources to power it. The full power is dedicated to your web site solely. Another essential thing about the JR Hosting - Web Services Control Panel is that it is packed with free of charge site setup tools that can noticeably boost the overall effectiveness of your web presence. As an example, you can make use of our collection of website accelerators that enable client–side caching and which will help you boost your web site. You can also take advantage of our real time stats tool, which will start amassing stats immediately the second your site goes live. Furthermore, absolutely no setup is needed on your part.

Other US Hosting Services

Our datacenter in the US features a lot of web hosting choice for all clients depending on the websites or web applications they wish to run. We provide USA Based Cloud Hosting for anybody who would like to manage a personal blog, portfolio or perhaps an online store. Our cloud hosting packages come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee along with a com domain name for just $13.80. If you need to create a development environment or you need more resources for your online presence, then you could choose our USA Based Linux VPS Web Hosting Packages. Our Virtual Private Servers come with a collection of Control Panels and include amazingly fast operating SSDs. If you need a brand new home for a extremely popular web site or perhaps a very CPU requiring web application, then you’ll be able to choose any one of our USA Based Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages. They have reputable hardware setup and offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.